33rd EAEVE GA – Nantes 2020

Du 3 au 4 décembre 2020

33rd General Assembly of the European Association of
Establishments for Veterinary Education – Nantes, France

3rd December 2020 : General Assembly – 4th December 2020 : Educational Day

Welcome to Nantes

The General Assembly will be organized at Oniris, in Nantes. Oniris is the result of the amalgamation of two higher education schools that where founded in the early 1970’s to specialize in Veterinary Medicine and in Food Science and Engineering. This unique combination makes Oniris one of the few European institutions where engineering and veterinary students can interact in an environment that brings together the concept of One Health concept and Food Safety. Our ambition is to train high-flying professionals concerned with international challenges on the topics of animal and human health, the environment, sustainability and food.

This year, we are pleased to invite you to a pre-conference pedagogical day about soft skills in the veterinary curriculum. A practical model for teaching clinical communication and other soft skills will be demonstrated. Our goal is to share with you an easy-to-use toolkit for integrating soft skills into your curriculum.

Nantes, a culturally diverse city built along the mouth of the Loire River that flows into the Atlantic sea, is located in northwestern France adjacent to Brittany. In addition to its high quality of life and mild climate, the region offers a high livestock density that includes pig and poultry, which account for 75% and 65% of the total French production, respectively.

As Nantes is a very attractive city, several events will be held in Nantes during the month of June 2020, so securing accommodation might be difficult. We suggest booking your hotel as soon as possible.


For further information, please contact :

AS connect évènement – Aurore MORVAN
Tel. +33 (0)2 40 20 15 95

33rd EAEVE GA – Venue Location:

Oniris – Veterinary Medicine School, at the Chantrerie Campus.
101, Route de Gachet, 44300 Nantes, France
Tel: +33 (0)2 40 68 77 77


Lucile Martin – Marc Gogny – Matthieu Crapart – Elodie Alligné – Dominique Buzoni-Gatel – Marie Caparros –  Philippe Gaubert – Raphaël Guatteo – Corinne Leroux