1st European Symposium on Animal Reproduction – Nantes 2023

Du 21 au 23 septembre 2023



Teachers, teacher-researchers and clinicians of ONIRIS (Nantes National College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science eand Engineering)

Chair: Jean-François Bruyas,

Treasurer: Francis Fiéni,

In charge of sponsors: Lamia Briand, Jérôme Abadie, Djemil Bencharif, Laetitia Jaillardon, Frédérique Nguyen, Vincent Mével


Renee Bäge (ESDAR), Gaby Hirsbrunner (ESDAR), Stefan Björkman (ESDAR), Cindy Maenhoudt (EVSSAR), Chiara Milani (EVSSAR), Paulo Borges (EVSSAR), Kathrin Teejl Kirchhoff (ECAR), Emmanuel Topie (ECAR)


ESDAR: European Society For Domestic Animal Reproduction

The society is a non-profitable community with special emphasis on reproduction in domestic animals and wild animals as well. The society (about 200 members across Europe and beyond) supports all activities to stimulate education and research in the field of reproduction, especially for clinical Aspects, biotechnology and Physiology of Reproduction. It was officially created in December 1996, and venue of the first ESDAR conference was Mariensee, Germany, in November 1997. Since that date an annual congress, bringing together around 300 delegates, takes place in a different European city (Thessaloniki in 2022 for the 25th annual conference).

EVSSAR: European Veterinary Society For Small Animal Reproduction

The society is an international non-profitable organization. It has been established in 1998 with the objective to further scientific and clinical progress in veterinary and comparative companion animal reproduction, pediatrics and neonatalogy. Currently, EVSSAR has about 200 members from European and non-EU countries. Even though the emphasis is on reproduction of companion animals, other species such as laboratory animals, exotics and wild or zoo species are also considered as species of interest to the Society. An EVSSAR congress takes place each year bringing together approximately 250 delegates. Its 24th annual congress is in 2022 a joint meeting with the 9th quadrennial International Symposium on Canine and Feline Reproduction taking place in Milano.

ECAR: European College of Animal Reproduction

This non-profit organisation was created in 1998 and immediately recognized by the EBVS (European Board of Veterinary Specialization), it has 273 graduates present in 26 countries. The primary objectives of the ECAR are to advance reproduction medicine, reproductive surgery and biotechnology in Europe and to increase the competence of individuals who work in this field by establishing guidelines for post- graduate education and experience, prerequisite to becoming a specialist in animal reproduction. ECAR examines and qualifies veterinarians as specialists in animal reproduction so that they can serve the veterinary patient, its owner and the general public, encourages research and other contributions to knowledge, and promotes the communication and dissemination of this knowledge. A summer school takes place each year often joints with annual congress of ESDAR (as in 2022 in Thessaloniki) or EVSSAR or a specific own ECAR Symposium as in Vienna in 2019.